A vacation rooted in history
The Villa Masseto, built in the 16th century, is constructed around a main square-shaped courtyard, enclosed by a loggia, duly noted for its merited architecture, and is surrounded by both a beautiful Italian and English garden.
The current owners restored the villa taking great care as to preserve the original structure. In fact, the restoration conserved the original rooms by maintaining the original terracotta floors and the paneled ceilings.
At the same time, they updated the villa by completely remodeling the structure and the tower.
Inside the villa, an ancient coin shaped medal dating back to 1523 is housed, representing the founding of the cappella of the Guadagni a Lione. Depicted on the metal is Tommaso Guadagni, the Florentine merchant made famous for having contributed to Francesco I of France's liberation and who later became his advisor and butler.